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How do I navigate 'My Dinghy'?
How do I navigate 'My Dinghy'?

Your Dinghy account is clean, simple and intuitive. You have 4 tabs, My Policy, Documents, Claims and Profile.

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First things first, you need to log in to access your Dinghy Account - to do this we use something called a 'Magic Link'. Click 'Sign in' on the top right of the web page and you will receive an email into your inbox soon afterwards with a link that takes you back to 'My Dinghy', but signed-in, like magic ;)

OK, you're in. Now you will see 4 tabs in your My Dinghy account area. I'll briefly talk you through each one.

My Policy

This tab is where you can turn your Professional Indemnity cover up or down to lite mode and will look a bit like this:

Use the green arrows to scroll between your activity status options and choose which one suits you. Remember to sense-check all your covers are tailored to your personal needs before you confirm. You will see the breakdown underneath each card. Here you can toggle between your covers turning them up, down, on and off to ensure they suit your activity status. Learn more about this here.


In the Documents tab you can keep track of all your legal documents in one safe place. 

Find your Current documents and open them by clicking on the ellipses (…) button. This is where you would download them to your computer or services like Dropbox, Google Drive & Box Now should you require proof of policy at any moment. 

(We recommend you don't print these if you like trees as they can be up to 50 pages long!).

Find your Previous documents by clicking 'Previous'. Every time you change your policy we will store evidence of your last one in there so you will never lose track.


Submit a claim in seconds. Simply go to the Claims tab. It will ask you what your claim is in relation to you need to and give you 5 simple options options:

Someone else's equipment
Someone (not yourself) has been injured
A complaint about your work
A cyber attack or suspected data breach
(only shown to Beazley policyholders)
Something else

You can report a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If your claim is regarding your business equipment, or related to a data breach or loss of customer data, our claims team are on-hand to help 24/7. 

For claims relating to Professional Indemnity, such as a complaint about your work, or for Public Liability, such as someone claiming against you following an injury caused by something you did, our claims team work between 9am and 5pm and will reply as quickly as possible within these hours.


Your Profile has 2 sections, Personal and Company. You are only able to update Personal Name and Phone number.

In Personal, if you need to update your email, (and it is very important you do keep this up-to-date as we use this to email you important transactional and service emails about your policy and billing. Plus, almost more importantly we send your 'magic link' password to this email, so you will have trouble logging in without it), use the orange smiley chat on the website to speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.

In Company, if you need to update any details at all, again, please use the orange smiley chat on the website to speak to one of our team who will be happy to help.

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