To start the cancellation process, firstly you need to log-in to your Self Service area by visiting and entering your email address.

You will then be emailed a magic link which will connect you to your dashboard. Alternatively you can access your dashboard through the iOS app.

Then follow the steps.

  1. Select the "Profile" menu item
  2. Select "Company"
  3. Select "Cancelling Your Policy"
  4. Take time to read the information and make sure that you agree with it. If so, select "Continue with cancellation"
  5. Select a reason, enter CONFIRM CANCEL in the box, and finally select "Cancel account"

Below are screenshots to help you see where each of the steps are:

2. Select "Company"

3. Select "Cancelling Your Policy"

4. Select "Continue with cancellation"

5. Select "Cancel Account"

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