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When should I turn my Professional Indemnity cover down?
When should I turn my Professional Indemnity cover down?

With Dinghy you have the unique ability to turn Professional Indemnity cover down while you're not working to save money but stay protected.

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One of Dinghy's smartest features is the world-first ability to turn your Professional Indemnity down to 'lite-mode' while you are not working to save yourself money when you are off the clock. Perfect for freelancers who take long breaks, yes, but with Dinghy's 'to-the-second' billing every freelancer could actually be using this feature daily.

The reason we created 'lite' cover is because cancelling your Professional Indemnity between jobs, whether you are taking a sabbatical for children or travel, in poor health, between jobs or simply going away for a long weekend, whatever the reason, puts you at risk. But why should you pay premium cover while you are not working in the metaphysical office? We couldn't think of an answer either, so we introduced the ability to go 'lite'. 

By changing your activity status from 'Working' to 'Taking a break', 'On holiday' or 'Looking for work' you will ensure that you are covered for your past work without entirely cancelling your cover so that you are not exposed to claims. Did you know that with Professional Indemnity you are expected to keep it running for a minimum of 6 years after a job has been completed? Well with Dinghy's activity status feature this won't pinch quite so much.

The advantage to every single freelancer, even if you have no intention of retiring anytime soon or have work coming out your ears, is that due to our real-time billing this can be used to reduce your (already great value) estimated monthly average by turning it off to the second. In practical terms all you need to do is reach in your pocket and then flick the OOO switch on or off in your Dinghy dashboard. 

Do make sure that you default to being switched on if you are working as you will not cover you for some things while you are on the job. Enjoy saving with Dinghy!

Dinghy - providing flexible cover for our flexible freelancing friends.

Hope this helps!

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