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Why is my bank showing a charge of £1?
Why is my bank showing a charge of £1?

Explanation on Dinghy's card verification charge and reversal

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When you buy your insurance, we check your card is valid. To carry out this card validation we charge £1 and immediately refund £1 in the form of a reversal.

This means that the refund was issued a very short time after the original charge, and before any money actually changed hands between Stripe and your customer's bank.

So if you see a £1 charge in your account, in most cases you’ll just see the original authorisation drop off your statement entirely after a few days. There will be no payment, and no refund. It'll appear as if the whole transaction never happened. In some banks, the Dinghy UK name stays and the amount is shown as £0.

In a very few cases, it takes the banks a few days to remove the charge. The money hasn’t left your account, and the original charge should disappear from their pending charges within 3 days.

However, if after 3 days you still see the charge showing, please get in touch and we can investigate it with you.

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